Wolf Simulator Poly Art Adventure

Play in lush green low poly forest in wolf simulator poly art adventure game and raise family, play with cubs and fight with the help of clan of wild wolf. Now you can play as real wild wolf and become the most powerful animal in the fantasy poly art wilderness adventure. Be an angry wolf adventure 3d and survive in the ultimate wildness as long as you can. In this wolf simulator game 2018 you have to act as a real wolf and rules this large forest and hunt for prey. Be the ruler of all the animals in the jungle by playing Wolf Simulator Poly Art Adventure.

In wild animals 3d action simulation game you need to make wolf family hunt animals and take care of your own ultimate wolf family and clan of ferocious wolves. Create your own wolf and go in search of adventure in fantastic low poly land. Explore the large game world in new wolf simulator games 2018.


In animal simulator games to raise a family you have to hunt other angry wild animals 3d for survival like cheetah, tiger, jaguar, cougar and big leopard. Start your own family in wolf family simulator, improve your wolf and family members. Do different tasks and become stronger. Find out what it means to be a wolf with the help of other pack of wolves. Fight and hunt like an alpha and lead your pack as hunter in this wolf adventure game. Your wolf survival is key of your survival of your family and pack. Get energy by hunting other small animals like rabbit, sheep or goat and make your booster level high. 

Increase your speed and use your special skills of hunting and be a jungle hunter and king in the vast jungle. Wolf sim is ultimate action simulation game for survival and low poly games adventure lovers. Attack on fox family and tiger family and kill them instantly then attack on other wild animals and clear all animal simulator 3d RPG quest missions successfully. Roam into this animal simulator games to raise a family and become a best in the wolf games offline.

Wild Wolf City Rampage Features:

- Real wolf family & clan action simulation game.
- Quest RPG mode of gameplay in perfect low poly art fantasy survival.
- Fight & hunt other jungle animals for territory in wolf simulator games.
- Create or raise wolf family, battle with the help of pack or clan of wild wolf.
- Epic fights, earn scores & generate health by maximum hunting in wolf games.
- Fight for survival & win the all wolf simulator missions.
- Detailed gameplay and realistic weather cycle in poly art wolf game 2018.

Experience a realistic low poly safari jungle hunting habitat and indulge in the needs of the everyday life of a wild wolf sim. Attack brutally and show your ferocious powers as wolf 3d hunter in the best animal simulator games to raise a family with a mate and den free. Play this Wolf Simulator Poly Art Adventure and lead your family pack from the front as alpha wolf. Attack like lion, hunt like tiger and destroy like cougar. Enjoy the wild animals 3d grand jungle atmosphere in wolf simulator which is best in all wolf games.


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Apr 02, 2018

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