Chibi Animal Transport Truck Simulator 2018

Start your job as cargo transporter in cartoony environment with transport of chibi animals in best of animal cargo transporter games. Play the Chibi Animal Transport Truck Simulator 2018, your cargo is farm animals and cattle including horses, sheep, pig & cows and they need to be transported from the city to the farm and in some animal transport missions farm back to the big city. Other than farm animals and zoo animal you may also need to transport racing horses. Animal transporter truck is all about heavy duty cargo of zoo animal and farm animal kinds in animal transport truck games. As real truck driver and cargo transporter of zoo and farm animals & enjoy the bumpy ride of cargo animal transport truck simulator.

In this animal transport truck 3d game make easy your cargo because truck crash engine might be level failed. Wild farm animal transport truck 3d has adventure of animals truck transport missions with wild animal cargo transport, zoo animal transport and farm animal transporter missions. Your trailer truck cargo transport is wild animals and farm animals including elephants, sheep or ducks with cow & rabbit also Giraffe and they need to be transported from the city to the Zoo and from the farm to the beautiful chibi village. Be an animal transporter truck driver in this animal transport truck simulation game.


Load all kind of animals on your animal transporter trailer truck and cargo them in required given places of the city in animal cargo transporter games. Make animal cargo delivery on truck very safely on sharp paths and dangerous curves in animal transport truck games. In this animal truck transporter job you need to load up the wild animals and transport them carefully by driving heavy loader trailer truck on off road village tracks. You need to transport all the zoo animals by saving wildlife animals. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck and transport different types of animals and drive cargo truck on village offroad environment. You will see realistic load truck crash engine if you make collide or damage.

Complete all cargo truck transport missions in the short time and forget animal transport with airplane or train. Start this animal transporter truck driver simulator and control gigantic animal trailer truck for animal transporter missions. The carriage truck needs to be loaded up by chibi farm animals and then it is attached to the transporter truck for transport & delivery of the animals and cattle in this animal transport simulator game.

Chibi Animal Transport Truck Simulator 2018 Features:

• Chibi farm environment & animal transporter truck game. 
• Play as farm animal transporter or be a zoo animal transport driver.
• Cattle & horses on the farm with detailed graphics & animations
• Truck crash engine effects while accident or collide on road.
• Complete all missions of wild animals & cattle transportation in limited time.
• Awesome graphics & smooth animal cargo driving controls.

Driving the transport truck filled with different animals is real challenge where you have to make sure you follow the traffic rules and drive animal transport truck on the city roads and in off road village. Chibi Animal Transport Truck Simulator 2018 will give your top transport driving experience in which you will be an animal transporter driver.


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Apr 13, 2018

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